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isigraph events

The form editor Code Dialog lists isigraph events. An isigraph control has the following events:

paint     paint event
print     print event
char      key press
mwheel    mouse wheel
focus     focus
focuslost focuslost
mmove     mouse move event
mbldown   mouse button left down
mbldbl    mouse button left double-click
mblup     mouse button left up
mbmdown   mouse middle down
mbmdbl    mouse middle double-click
mbmup     mouse middle up
mbrdown   mouse button right down
mbrdbl    mouse button right double-click
mbrup     mouse button right up

All events do a glsel before the event handler is called so gl2 commands in the handler have the control as target.

char and mwheel events only happen if the control has focus. A control gets focus explicitly from a wd setfocus command (typically in an mbldown handler) or implicitly from the tab key or if the control is the first control when the form is first shown.

For mouse events the wdhandler variable sysdata contains:
x y width height leftbutton rightbutton ctrl shift middlebutton xbutton1 xbutton2 wheel

The x y width and height are in pixels. Other values (except wheel) are 1 if the corresponding button or key was down when the event occurred. The wheel value is the amount the wheel was moved (_ is towards the user).

For a char event sysdata contains the value of the character. A shifted ascii character returns sysdata with the appropriate character. For example, pressing the a key with shift has a sysdata of A. Shift and ctrl key information is in sysmodifiers. This is 0 for neither, 1  for shift, 2 for ctrl, and 3 for both. For normal asci characters you won't see a ctrl value as that is treated as a shortcut key and not an isigraph char event. Keys such as the arrow keys can have a ctrl in sysmodifiers. The sysdata value is UTF-8 and non-ASCII characters will have more than 1 byte. Special keys have the following values:

08 backspace  
13 CR
16 pageup
17 pagedn
18 end
19 home
20 left arrow
21 up arrow
22 right arrow
23 down arrow
27 escape
28 insert
29 delete

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